Day 7

Today the challenge was to eat intuitive meals and it was allowed to indulge in an “old favorite.” We went to a local hang out and I had a small meal of “old favorites.” I’m really not sure it was worth it. I started to feel really tired and just not as good as I have been feeling the last couple of days. I think my idea of “favorite” is changing. Mexican Coke is on the way out and cherries are on the way in!

We had a grand play outing! We decided to hit the hiking trails at Kensington Park with our doggie. We all loved getting out into nature and getting some exercise. I love the fresh air, the physical challenges, and the sunshine. I could have done without the bugs but it was worth it!

As I am closing on day 7, my body is really sore. Good sore. Sore in a way that says I’m getting into shape. It makes me wonder why I haven’t done this sooner. I certainly know about exercise (I used to teach aerobics at Bally’s) and used to lift some weights on my own. I think as I get older and busier, it’s just so easy to sit around and be lazy. Isn’t that what busy tired people do? My idea about what to do in my free time is really changing. Breaks at work are no longer for checking Facebook. They are for climbing stairs and walking in the neighborhood. Evening time is no longer about coming home and crashing from my busy day, but about relaxing with an nice evening walk and a good primal meal. Facebook really does have its place in my life. But it’s not in place of physical activity. How does watching videos of baby elephants enhance my life? Only by the brief smile it gives me while I am watching it. I have a whole lot of other things to smile for. And I want my fit and less fat body to be a reason to smile. I am thinking that Mark Sisson is a genius and am thinking about going to PrimalCon within the next few years. I found a Primal Detroit meetup because I think that community is really important in meeting any goal and sustaining it. Well, time to stop blogging because I see that the sun is going down. I’ll be back sometime tomorrow for Day 8’s adventure.


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