Day 8 of the 21 Day Primal Blueprint Challenge

No labels? That’s right! Mark challenged us to eat food without labels. I found that almost all of my food has labels. My food from the farm has labels and even my peach had a label! I took the spirit of the challenge and went without coconut butter and macadamias but could not go without farm fresh eggs, meat, veggies, and a little fruit. Nothing was frozen or from a can so I think I lived up to the spirit of this challenge. 

Barefoot challenge~ 60 minutes barefoot. No problem! I have been totally barefoot (including wearing barefoot shoes) for over a year!

The real challenge for me on this day was the sprint workout. We found a sledding hill earlier in the challenge so we knew what we were going to do. I had class so it was about 9:00 pm when we got started. I sprinted uphill at 80% effort for 10 seconds and rested for 60 seconds. Repeat 5 times! After the third time I thought that maybe I could not continue but I did! It wasn’t really that hard. I didn’t feel the burn until we got home about 20 minutes later. Then I started really feeling what I had done. In a good way. I can feel all of my muscles working and I am feeling so good on day 8. It seems that I can handle a little “old favorite” (see yesterday’s challenge) and get back to the regular eating plan without much problem. I think it’s when I’m too far off the plan for too long that creates an addictive pattern. I have noticed that if I eat certain foods (carbs and sugar), I want more and more of them and get addicted. I’m finding that I can handle a little as long as I get right back to the plan (which can certainly be a challenge). I really enjoyed the sprint workout that he recommends to do when energy is high every 7-10 days. And the whole thing took less than 10 minutes!

What is really standing out for me at this point is how I often thought that I had no time to exercise. Granted, my schedule is a little more free right now since I completed my internship but I am finding that I do have the time to exercise (even when busy) in the way that Mark sets forth in this challenge. It’s really time efficient and not really a problem to do. It is also pretty fun which will be the motivation for me to continue with it. Going to the gym feels like a punishment to me and I just don’t like it anymore. I like to be outside and be active in ways that are fun, functional, and life affirming. Just burning calories doesn’t do it and it won’t last if I do it for that reason. But doing exercise because it feels good and because it’s fun is a keeper! 



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