Day 9 of my journey into primal living in the modern world

Increase daily movement part 2! I sure did! I really took the long way everywhere I went and even parked very far going into the building for work. I did everything I was doing before plus some. I was typing on my computer at work when it hit me. My second computer monitor (which I rarely use) was on a stand on my desk. I removed the monitor and put my laptop on the stand and voila! A standing work station! I worked like that for the morning and really could feel my muscles working. How much more interesting than sitting there! I think it could really affect my productivity if no one at work puts a stop to it. I was so happy to go back and add this in since I didn’t have the courage to think of it the first time. I’m kind of a perfectionist like that. It seems like taking a 2 minute break every 30 minutes at work is too much. Maybe I need to modify it to just doing some stretching in my cube. I found that 45 minutes would easily pass as I was engrossed in my work and I didn’t think about moving much. I’m not going to interrupt that.

Media fast: The challenge was to handle all news and information in 10 minute blocks in the morning and evening. No problem. I’m not much for entertainment tidbits anyway as anyone who knows me will attest (I don’t know much about pop culture).

I also tracked macronutrient intake on That is time consuming (not my first time) but helps me to see on a pie chart what I did with food for the day. I stopped short of recording my anniversary dinner. Well, it was not 100% primal (but still within the 80/20 ratio) but the reason I didn’t record it was because IT WAS MY ANNIVERSARY! I just enjoyed it 100% and then came home to a wonderful long evening walk with my love. Did I mention that we passed on dessert at our favorite local restaurant and instead found a long walk to be the way to celebrate our anniversary!!?? Progress!! Just 10 days ago, we would have easily had dessert justifying that we were still within the 80/20 ratio….until we weren’t….then we would just justify it….I feel all of that changing.


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