Day 10

I’m getting a bit behind in blogging about my journey. Day 10 was focusing on our eating environment and eating slowly. This is somewhat usual for us anyway although there are some exceptions. I ate lunch outside at Chipotle (yummy burrito bowl) and soaked in the rays getting my Vitamin D! Other meals were as usual: relaxing and enjoyable.


Email fast: I took care of all of my emails quickly. No problem. I do that anyway.

Primal WOW (Workout of the Week): I believe that I lightly sprained my ankle and knee (on the same side of my body) and felt the need to rest. My body is sore from all of the extra moving around. It feels good in most ways but in another way, I feel like I need to tone it down a bit. I am going to do the primal WOW. Just when I’m feeling more recuperated and energetic.

I feel my enthusiasm waning a bit because I just want my “old favorites” food wise. Creating new habits isn’t easy but I’m going to do it!


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