Day 11

Create a primal recipe: My spouse created some wonderful ground lamb to put on a salad for our lunches.

Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout: I decided to do the minimum since my sprains still feel sore and hot. I walked briskly for 35 minutes with 25 minutes at about 60% of my maximum heart rate.

Work Peak Performance: Start the work day with a to-do list and methodically work through each task. Notice how you are pulled away from your priorities etc… Yeah. Sure. I’m a crisis intervention case manager!! I have to be able to multitask and I do. I admire the general idea of this because it’s important for me to know what I’m going to do every day. I have ongoing lists in my head and organized in a spreadsheet. My job is a perpetual to do list!!! I don’t think this one really applies to my industry for the most part. I think the spirit of it is to be proactive to increase productivity which is great. I guess I just do that in my own way. And it’s working for me so I’m not changing it.

I had lots of difficulty on this day. It started with going to bed way too late because I just wanted to stay up. I didn’t sleep enough and hence wanted some quick energy in the morning. Somehow, (not sure if it’s really true) I associate this with donut holes and iced coffee. So, that’s what I did for breakfast. Then, I was on the road at lunch and brought a lunch that needed to be heated up in a microwave so I stopped at a placeIshallnotname for a bad lunch (it was both bad for me and tasted bad) with a Diet Coke. Dinner was at least a better atmosphere and more fun and festive. But not primal. If that had been the only non-primal approved food I would feel fine about it. We went to a local restaurant and had a good time. I guess the question here is whether or not I was primal at all today. I didn’t increase my activity except for the 35 minute walk. Well, I start again. And I will do that as many times as it takes to succeed. This is a journey…not perfection….



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