Day 12: Go Co-Co Nuts!!!

I stocked up on my supplies of coconut food items as the challenge suggested. We had a lot already but I made a trip for more packets of coconut butter that totally save me from eating candy bars. We skipped the PEM (Primal Essential Movement) workout because we are both really sore from all the exercise and felt the need to rest a bit. So, we did meet the challenge of nurturing our intimate and social circles by inviting friends over for an evening of conversation. I did have an indiscretion today because of being on the road and not getting a good night’s sleep (stayed up too late again). I had a Diet Coke and an unnamedbadformetreat. Not sure why I did that except that this stuff is made to be addictive and I crave it. I’m moving on from it without the usual guilt and talking to my spouse about how much I regret it. I’m creating new and better habits and attitudes about my food and lifestyle.


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