Day 13 Blues

I’ve been sitting here feeling discouraged. Today is day 13 and I’ve had 2 iced coffees from Tim Hortons with non-approved cream and sugar. I did not acquire some foods a that ranks of the spectrum because I forgot (we had everything except macadamias and domestically grown extra virgin first cold-press olive oil.) I just forgot about it. I did the moderate duration aerobic workout by walking with my spouse and dog tonight. That’s when things started to look up. I realized that my spouse is also quite committed to living this way and it really picked me up when ze was talking about it. I’m feeling like this way of eating is here to stay for us. This way of exercising is growing on me and I am seeing that it really works. I’m partly discouraged that I have only lost 5 pounds since starting this journey 13 days ago. I’ve decided not to weigh myself every day and just weigh in once a week to assess trends. I was supposed to expose large surface areas of my skin to sun today but I did not. I forgot. Well, I have done it on several of the other days (I love sitting outside in our yard) so that makes up for that. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. WE will be switching some stuff around because it doesn’t fit with some activities that we planed but we’ll do it all. So , tomorrow I’m doing an intermittent fast. I don’t eat tomorrow until I am really hungry and uncomfortable. Can’t wait to see how long I can go….Good night…sitting in my yellow light…. love the bug lights!! They don’t feel like an intrusion into my relaxing evening and are really easy on my eyes.


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